Humanist Kid
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Kids honoring humans who are homeless.



To see the human being first.

Humanist Kid is a 3rd grade service project that began when Sadie noticed that homeless people are made to feel invisible and decided to help them feel seen and part of the larger community again. When homeless people begged on the side of the road, no one looked at them. People turned their heads, looked at their phones and decided not to see them. After eating a big dinner in 2017, Sadie saw a homeless woman huddled under a blanket, and started crying.  She said, "We have so much and they have so little. It's wrong if we don't help."

She joined Generation SERVE's service learning program and her family started making care packages for people on the street.   They talked to these men and women and asked what they needed. Sadie eventually found a park where homeless people gather and decided to start serving that community. She asks people who sleep there what they need - which changes from season to season.  She fundraises to build them care packages that include simple comforts like warm socks, granola bars, rain parkas, toothpaste and deodorant.  

She wants to make it easier for everyone, especially kids, to see and honor the human being in the homeless person.


Humanist Kid has three main goals:


Make people who are homeless feel seen & heard.

Bring breakfast or dinner to people in the park every other month and talk with them about their needs.


Bring basic human comforts to the person living on the street.

Build & distribute 50 care packages every quarter.


Get other kids excited & involved.

Teach other kids how they can make a difference - from sharing a smile on the street to building care packages.


Ready to help?